Posted by Jenniffer Rogers on Sep 13, 2020
Over the past week, 768 white boards were distributed to 3 elementary schools in Reading. I got many replies for help to deliver and I appreciate that very much. Thank you to Brian, Tim, and John for making the rounds. 
We also received good news from the district that we were approved to spend $426 in PPE for our Police, Fire, and First Responders.
And lastly, MORE good news, Mike & I received the following note from our district past governor, Joan Arsenault:
Congratulations on your Club receiving the Rotary Citation with Platinum Distinction, for 2019-2020!!!!.  The Rotary Citation is the most significant award a Rotary club can achieve. An unbelievable accomplishment and during a year that was challenging for many Rotarians around the world!!  Your club demonstrated a commitment to achieve your goals, which ultimately helps strengthen Rotary and shape our future.
I want to thank John Fuedo for hosting us last week. I enjoyed seeing many of you at the evening social.
We have a lunch meeting this Monday, 9/14 @ 12:15 via ZOOM. Please order lunch from Professors Market by 1:30PM.
Samantha's Harvest is holding their Annual Golf Tournament next Friday 9/18. Good luck to all the golfers. Check in with Lisa to see if she could use any more volunteers. Good luck Lisa!